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If you’re browsing this site you’re likely interested in real, accurate psychic readings. You want a certified psychic that you can trust. I have over ten years experience giving psychic and tarot readings, helping countless clients with the questions you face today. I am ultimately here to help you – let me give you the insights into the future that you need. I can even design custom readings for your special circumstances. Don’t wait – you can contact me now for a free consultation!

All of my psychic and tarot readings are done by email.

- Alexander

To The Point Tarot Reading - $35

I will do a full Tarot reading for you and summarize what the Tarot cards say. If you are looking for direction and answers regarding the major issues in your life, this is a very powerfulTarot reading. I will outline the strongest points of the Tarot reading and the most important issues that the Tarot cards show us. I call this my “to the point” Tarot reading because, well, it gets directly to the point! I will cut out all of the nuances and details that don’t pertain to the big issues in the cards. No beating around the bush with this one!

You can expect a 600-800 word response outlining the Tarot reading for you. I am certain you will be satisfied with the accuracy and helpfulness of the report.

I do not give out medical or legal advice. If you submit a question regarding medical or legal issues, I will request that you to submit a new question.

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Feel free to contact me first and provide as much - or as little - information as you would like. You may also simply go ahead and order it with the "add to cart" button above. Expect a response within 24 hours and a completed reading within 48.

Spells by Alexander 1 Question Psychic Reading
Let me use my psychic ability to answer a question for you in detail.
Spells by Alexander 3 Question Psychic Reading
Three of your most important questions answered in depth.
Spells by Alexander Karmic Analysis
A report on your complete Karmic status and spiritual well-being.
Spells by Alexander Quick Tarot Reading
A complete tarot reading reported to you concisely.
Spells by Alexander Full Tarot Reading
A full, in-depth tarot reading analyzed just for you.

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