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Terms and Conditions

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using any spells or services.

Privacy Policy

Your information is not stored on this website and will not be disclosed to third parties. Your information will not be shared, sold or distributed in any way.

I also ensure a private and discrete service. If any items are shipped they will come in a nondescript package with no reference to psychic, spellcasting or magickal services whatsoever. Further, your billing information will not reflect the magickal nature of your purchase in any way. I feel that I have a personal relationship with all of my clients and will protect your privacy and confidentiality to the best of my ability.

Any credit card or billing statements will appear as "Blue Mountain House" in order to protect your privacy.

Spells by Alexander™ 100% Guarantee

We guarantee all spells for one year. You can try our spells for up to one year to prove that they work. By no means do our spells take a full year to work – they may work as quickly as one day. This simply gives you time to see that they are effective and allows me to ensure your satisfaction. If your spell does not work within this time period we will give you a complete refund or recast your spell.

Spell work is an art and a science. As in the science of medicine a given treatment may not cure everyone, a given spell may not work for everyone. However, my success rate is high enough that I am able to give you a guarantee – if a spell does not work for you I will recast it or give you a refund.

Some of my spells come with additional instructions for you to follow. If your spell comes with additional instructions, you must follow them to take advantage of this guarantee.

It takes considerable time and effort to cast a spell. In addition, there are costs for materials and supplies. I could not offer you such a guarantee if my spells were not successful the vast majority of the time. My spells have a decade-long track record of results and I stand behind them completely. I am certain my spells will provide you with what you seek.