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Not all of us have experienced past lives – there are many who are new souls. However, there are just as many who are old souls. If you have ever been curious about your past lives, I can help. With a combination of psychic insight and ritual magick I am able to peer very accurately into your past lives. This can be very important as our past lives influence our current lives in helpful or harmful ways.

There is a common belief in every world religion that if you do not complete your goals in one life you will be “sent back” to try again. This is what is called Dharma in Hinduism, and is closely related to your Karma. It is very possible your current life is strongly influenced by your past life. And we are all aware how our own genetics influence our personalities, but how many people pay attention to how their past lives influence their current lives? This may prove to be even more influential yet! Please contact me if you would like insight into your past lives or have any questions at all regarding this topic.

- Alexander

Past Life Analysis - $65

Ever wonder if you’ve had a past life? What you did, who you were, what happened to you? Not all of us have had past lives, but many of us have. I can give you a full analysis of your past lives. Additionally, if you experienced trauma in a past life or your past life is impacting this one, I can help to resolve it.

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Feel free to contact me with as much - or as little - information as you would like to provide. The more information you can give me the easier it will be to discern your past lives. You may place an order with the "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons above. All responses to emails can be expected promptly within the day.

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A full, in-depth Tarot reading analyzed just for you.

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