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If you don't see the Obeah spell listed here you want - don't fret! I can cast a custom Obeah spell for you. Don't hesitate to contact me for the Obeah spell you want today! I can design a spell exactly to your specifications at your request! There are no limits on the type of spell I will cast for you!
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Obeah is known to be one of the most effective and powerful magicks for healing. This spell takes an all-purpose approach to healing whatever ails you – from the physical to the spiritual. If you are feeling physically or spiritually afflicted in any way, use this Obeah spell to cure your ills!
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This Obeah curse forces failure in the target. It causes the failure of relationships, careers, and personal ventures. This can be a completely devastating Obeah curse, so it is not to be treated lightly.
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This Obeah curse is designed to cause a severe, but undefined, type of harm in the target. Its results are often unpredictable, but everyone who I have cast it for has found it very satisfactory. Please consult with me before ordering this, as it is very powerful and should be taken very seriously.
Was 84$, Now $54
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A powerful spell from the Caribbean designed to bring you super luck and fortune! This Obeah spell will draw luck to you in all areas of your life from finances to love. If you’re feeling a little on the unlucky side or just want that extra boost, this is the Obeah spell you need!
Was 84$, Now $54

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An attraction spell – this Obeah magick is geared to draw things to you like a magnet! This works especially well for love and sex, but can also be used for money or whatever you direct it at. Attract the object of your choice to you like a magnet!
Was 84$, Now $54
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A powerful Obi curse designed to strike the target with an insufferable sickness. This is one of the curses I will only perform with a prior consultation, as it is very powerful. Think seriously before requesting this – it is to be used only in cases of emergency against those who constitute a severe threat!
Was 84$, Now $54
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This is Obeah spiritual protection specifically designed to ward off the effects of evil spells, evil spirits, and harmful ghosts. If you have been afflicted by any of these things and want it to end, this is your spell.
Was 84$, Now $54
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