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Have you ever wondered if bad Karma is hurting you? Bad Karma isn’t only from things we’ve done wrong – it can rub off from negative individuals, develop out of depressed and negative feelings, form from bad thoughts, and even carry over from past lives. And it can throw your life off track.

A Karma Adjustment is the combined psychic and magickal method by which your Karmic Status is cleansed and purified. You may even have bad Karma that you haven't earned or deserve – this will get rid of it immediately. And most people feel immediate results from their Karma Adjustments. If you believe you have issues concerning your Karma, please contact me for a free consultation. I will do my absolute best to help you and see what we can do as far as correcting your Karmic Record.

- Alexander

Karma Adjustment - $75

We all have a sort of Karmic record, much like a permanent record from school. Our Karmic record is immensely complex, but is the sum total of all our actions, spiritual factors, and more. Additionally, our Karmic record carries over from events that happen in past lives (if you’ve had any) and events on the Astral Plane. The implication here is that you could be carrying a Karmic burden that you are completely unaware of. If you have ever gotten the feeling that everything just goes wrong for you, or that the universe conspires against you, then you may be the victim of a Karmic burden.

However, don’t fret – this can be helped to a large degree. I can perform a Karmic Adjustment that balances out your positive and negative Karma. A number of positive results come from this. You’ll notice things just go your way more, that you feel better overall, and that you have a greater degree of success in life. Everyone should have a Karmic Adjustment at some point in their life.

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Upon ordering your Karmic Adjustment you will receive a brief report of your Karmic Status. You may use the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons to place an order, or contact me first if you have any questions. All major Karmic issues will be outlined and I will begin work immediately on your case. Your Karmic Adjustment will get my full attention and I will complete it very quickly.

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