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If you don't see the Greek spell listed here you want - don't fret! I can cast a custom Greek spell for you. Don't hesitate to contact me for the Greek spell you want today! I can design a spell exactly to your specifications at your request! There are no limits on the type of spell I will cast for you!
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This spell invokes the fertility Goddess Demeter to ensure you have a successful and safe pregnancy. Trying to get pregnant? Pregnant and want the Goddess’ blessings? This is the spell you need! This spell has ensured many a happy pregnancy and everyone who I have cast it for has been completely satisfied.
Was 84$, Now $54
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Not a curse – this spell is designed to give you a powerful and competitive edge in whatever you endeavor to do. This would be the perfect spell for getting ahead in your job, a sport, or anything competitive! Let the powerful arm of Ares lend you the strength to conquer your tasks!
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Fortune, fame, & finances – this is the spell that brings it to you! Call on the power of the deity Dionysus to attract wealth and happiness. This is the essential “movie star” spell, guaranteed to bring glamour, fame, and money to you! Live the stylish life you want with this powerful spell!
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If you want love – and lust – this is the spell for you. This spell calls on the power of the Goddess Aphrodite to grant you the pleasures of love and lust! It is her pleasure and will you find a sexually fulfilling and emotionally satisfying relationship. Let your desires come true with her powerful magicks now!
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This spell channels the power of the Goddess Hestia to bless and protect your family. Protect your family, shield them from harm, and give them the Goddess’ blessing with this powerful spell. This is exactly what you need to ensure your family is safe and looked over!
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This is a unique spell using Pythagorean magickal principles to unlock – or increase – your innate magickal abilities. Cast your own spells with more effectiveness; increase your magickal sensitivity, magickal perception, and psychic ability! Use this spell to unlock your inner power!
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A lengthy and detailed curse, this is designed to bring pain and misfortune upon your enemies. Take this curse seriously! I will only cast this for you if you are truly serious about the results you want.
Was 84$, Now $54
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