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I have practiced as a psychic reader and tarot reader for over ten years, exchanging knowledge and experience with other world-class psychic readers around the globe. When you get a psychic reading, you want to make sure it is from a psychic you trust. I have trained throughout the years to help you and to give you the clear, accurate readings that you need. As always – I can design a custom reading for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation!

All of my psychic and tarot readings are done by email.

- Alexander

Full Details Tarot Reading - $45

This is a complete Tarot reading with the full details revealed to you. I will go over each and every Tarot card, explaining what they mean for you and their relation to each other. You can expect a profound amount of psychic insight from this Tarot reading. Because of the breadth of this Tarot reading, it is the perfect reading for whatever your needs may be.

You can expect a 1000+ word response outlining the Tarot reading for you. I am certain you will be satisfied with the accuracy and helpfulness of the report.

I do not give out medical or legal advice. If you submit a question regarding medical or legal issues, I will request that you to submit a new question.

Spells by Alexander Crystal Ball Psychic Readings

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Feel free to contact me first and provide as much - or as little - information as you would like. You may also simply go ahead and order it with the "add to cart" button above. Expect a response within 24 hours and a completed reading within 48.

Spells by Alexander 1 Question Psychic Reading
Let me use my psychic ability to answer a question for you in detail.
Spells by Alexander 3 Question Psychic Reading
Three of your most important questions answered in depth.
Spells by Alexander Karmic Analysis
A report on your complete Karmic status and spiritual well-being.
Spells by Alexander Quick Tarot Reading
A complete tarot reading reported to you concisely.
Spells by Alexander Full Tarot Reading
A full, in-depth tarot reading analyzed just for you.

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