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When we sleep it opens a gateway to another world. Although we are familiar with the physical world on a daily basis, our dreams give us partial access to the spiritual and Astral worlds as well. Have you ever experienced falling dreams, flying dreams, or lucid dreams? How about recurring themes and even repeated nightmares? Your dreams may be trying to convey an important message!

I will use my spiritual expertise to interpret and read your dreams. The symbolism in each and every dream is unique; what means one thing for one person could mean something entirely different for the next. No dream book can tell you for certain what your dream means. Only through the combined analysis of spiritual and Astral dream interpretation and psychic insight can you dream be analyzed accurately. Please contact me if you would like to know the hidden meaning in a dream or if you have any questions at all about dream analysis.

- Alexander

Dream Interpretation - $45

Sometimes our dreams are mundane – sometimes they are magical. Dreams can be complex things incorporating our unconscious, the Astral Plane, and our very souls. Because of this, there is a lot you can learn from a dream if it is interpreted correctly. If you have a dream that you just know is important, but can’t quite place your finger on the proper interpretation, let me help. I will provide a thorough and accurate dream interpretation to get you headed in the right direction.

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Feel free to contact me with the dream you would like interpreted. You may also simply go ahead and order it with the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons above and submit the dream after. Expect a very fast response within the day and a detailed attention to and interpretation of your dream shortly after.

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Let me use my psychic ability to answer a question for you in detail.
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Three of your most important questions answered in depth.
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A report on your complete Karmic status and spiritual well-being.
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A complete Tarot reading reported to you concisely.
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A full, in-depth Tarot reading analyzed just for you.

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