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A damaged or broken Aura can be fatal. Our Auras, much like our very Souls, are an integral part to our spiritual, mental, and physical health. They are a part of us a spiritual organ if you will just as important as the heart or the brain. And, just like an organ, they can be damaged. Trauma, negative energy, and even curses can all infuse the Aura with negativity and even damage it severely. However, an Aura Cleansing can help to repair most damage done.

An all too common scenario:

A curse is placed upon a victim. Even after the curse is lifted negativity and curse-like effects persist. The culprit? A damaged or tarnished Aura. Impressions are left on our Auras as we move through daily life. Traumatic experiences and spiritual attacks such as those from curses, hexes, and even psychic vampires can damage our Aura. This can range from mild to severe damage; an Aura Cleansing is the one-stop treatment for minor to major. If you believe you may be in need of an Aura Cleansing, or even if you have questions about Auras at all, please contact me for a free consultation.

- Alexander

Aura Cleansing- $65

Our Auras are like our skin – they surround us and come into contact with the external world. Just as our skin gets dirty from the dust and grime that’s out there, our Auras get dirty from constant exposure to negative or harmful energies. Following this analogy, the Aura cleansing is like a bath – it washes the negative energies away and restores your Aura to its natural pristine state.

Symptoms of an imbalanced or afflicted Aura include sleepiness, fatigue, low energy, negative moods, and even physical sickness. My clients have reported increases in energy, mood, and overall positive activity after letting me perform an aura cleansing for them. Aura cleansings are an essential element of our spiritual wellbeing.

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Feel free to contact me with as much - or as little - information as you would like to provide. You can expect a very fast response within the day. I will start work on your Aura Cleansing right away. If there is a specific problem, disclosing it to me may help me solve it more quickly. You may use the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons to place your order.

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