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If you are reading this there is a good chance you are curious about your Astral Body; the secret part of our inner self that is able to travel the Astral Plane. Many are unaware of this, but have experienced it in near-sleep states. Lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogia are all manifestations of our Astral Bodies.

There is much to be learned on the Astral Plane. Self-exploration, healing, spiritual growth, and even psychic and magickal development can be greatly sped up if you are able to actively engage your Astral Body and traverse through the Astral Plane. The Astral Attunement is intended to bring you in connection with your Astral body, in order that you may engage it and use it for spiritual growth, healing, and empowerment. If you would like to know more about Astral Travel, Astral Bodies, or the Astral plane, or if you would like to place an order for this Attunement, please contact me for your free consultation.

- Alexander

Astral Attunement- $75

In addition to our physical bodies, we have Astral Bodies. We use our Astral Bodies for a number of things – vivid dreaming and traveling the Astral Plane are prime examples. Anyone who wants to control their dreams, engage in lucid dreaming, or travel Astrally must be attuned with their astral body. That is what this service does for you. I am able to bring you in tune with your Astral Body via our mutual, eternal connection to the astral plane.

This is an essential process for anyone interested in awakening their psychic ability or developing the ability to cast advanced magickal spells.

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You are welcome to contact me first for an evaluation or order immediately with the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons. The process of Astral Awakening takes around 48 hours and I will be in contact with you throughout to oversee the progress. If you have any questions, contact me. You can expect a very fast answer within the day.

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