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Alexander has practiced magic for well over a decade. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, residing in five countries, while studying indigenous magical practices. His travels have allowed him to study under an Ifa Priest of Santeria in Mexico, native shamans in Southeast Asia, ceremonial magicians in major US cities and Wiccans virtually everywhere. His thorough exposure to magical practices around the world has helped him to design some of the most potent and effective spells around.

- Dr. Stephen Kim of Seoul, South Korea, beloved friend and colleague


I have served as a High Priest twice in Wiccan covens for two different communities. Further, I have been initiated into multiple highly-respected (but hereby unnamed) ceremonial magickal traditions and served in them for the better part of a decade, also holding the titles of High Priest and Magus. For the last ten years I have rarely gone a day without casting a spell for someone.

I am also an ordained minister and a certified psychic.

- Alexander