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Welcome! Spells by Alexander brings you more than a decade's worth of experience in spellcasting, witchcraft, Wiccan magic, love spells, tarot, psychic readings, protection spells, Voodoo spells, real magic, and more. Whatever your metaphysical need, it can be met here. I provide real spells with real results. And I guarantee those results one hundred percent.

There is a spell or service for whatever you desire. I am here solely to help you achieve the results you want. Countless people have been helped by these spells and services with zero risk involved. My ultimate goal is to assist you in achieving your desires and these spells are a powerful way of ensuring you get what you want.

New! Articles on Obeah for information on this powerful Caribbean tradition. If you've considered Obeah spells or have questions about Obeah, let this be your resource to learn about these powerful magic spells!


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Natural Wiccan spells for protection and the family Spells to curse and hurt your enemy Spells to bring true love and sex

Due to the time-consuming nature of spellcasting, I am limited on how many orders I can take. Request your spells now before I reach my limit!

It can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, potentially more, to cast your spell. I must also take time to gather ingredients and prepare the spell. While there is no limit on the amount of spells you may order, I only have so much time a day to cast your spells. This means there is an effective limit on how many spells can be ordered by everyone collectively per month. Order your spells now to ensure they are cast immediately, when you need them most.

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Everyone gets a free consultation! Not only do you get one, but you get as many as you like. I never charge for this!

When you're looking for an effective spell you want to make sure you're selecting the right - and the most powerful - one. I go over all of the options with each of my clients to ensure that you will have the best spell suited for your needs. You're fully welcome to contact me at any time with any question, I'm always more than happy to answer. From basic questions about magick to selecting the right spell for you, I'll be here to provide you with the answers you seek. Make sure to contact me for your free spiritual consultation.

Magick has helped countless people throughout human history. Magick is a spiritual and energetic resource designed to help you too.

The number of people helped in miraculous ways by magick might be well into the hundreds of thousands over the course of human history. Magick has been practiced in every culture we know of - and is still a staple of most. The fact is that magick is very real and its results can be proven in your life. Can you afford to let the opportunity for true love, wealth, success, and happiness pass you by? I offer a 100% guarantee that you will see results from my spells, the success rate is so high. You'll find that these are real spells with strong results - if you're looking for love, wealth, or beauty this is the place for you. My spells are designed to help you, to make you happy, and to ultimately help you become a better person inside and out!

I combine real magick from around the globe. The diversity of Spells by Alexander brings a wealth of occult knowledge and experience to your fingertips.

My diverse training and experience brings you some of the most unique and powerful spells from around the world. I incorporate the traditions of Wicca, Voodoo, Obeah, Greek Hellenic Magick, and a variety of folk and traditional spells to bring you the widest and most potent selection of spells. When you order a spell from Spells by Alexander you can rest assured it will be one of the most successful ones in the modern spellcasters repertoire. Only the most potent and effective spells are used here.